Can I conduct a Doppler scan at home?

Before getting into the process of conducting a Doppler scan the person should first know what is Doppler scan. What is a Doppler scan? A Doppler scan is however similar to a normal ultrasound but there is still something that makes it different and that is a Doppler scan is done with a more advanced machine. The Doppler machine is designed with a technology that works on high-frequency sound waves while conducting a Doppler scan the doctors get to hear the sounds through a Microphone and it further helps them with the proper diagnosis. When is a Doppler scan conducted?Doppler scan is generally conducted for diagnosing if there is an issue with the pregnant ladies. A Doppler scan makes it easy for the doctors to check if there is any issue with the health of the baby. A Doppler scan provides easy access about the details associated with the baby such as heartbeat, pulse rate and a lot more. Now if we talk about the conduct of a Doppler scan at home then yes with the advancement in t…